Water is essential for ketogenic diet

Water is very important to keep the fluid in our body awake. Fluid deficiency will lead to new problems, such as kidney disease. If in normal circumstances the presence of water is very necessary for the body when undergoing a ketogenic diet this is something that should be given extra attention. That’s why if you try the ketogenic diet for beginners, make sure you drink enough water during the process. Aside from ensuring your health, it will help your diet to goes smoothly as well.

When undergoing a keto diet, which limits carbohydrate consumption, many adjustments will occur in the body. One of them is decreased blood sugar and insulin levels. When insulin levels decrease, the kidneys release excess stored fluid. This is what then causes dehydration.

At the beginning of a keto diet, most people will feel dizzy and headaches due to an unbalanced amount of electrolytes in the body. For this reason, you should consume around 3.5 liters to maintain fluid intake in your body.