Here are some tips that can be done for the distribution of assets when divorced

For marriage life, divorce is indeed an unwanted nightmare that will occur. So,

every family clearly must maintain the integrity of their families well. However, when a divorce must be dealt

with, it will be very appropriate when you can deal with it with the help of a professional divorce lawyer. To get

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During the divorce process, one thing that cannot be ignored is the division of

assets owned jointly. The division of property becomes a crucial moment and is often debated by divorced parties.

In order for the divorce process to not heat up, here are tips for sharing assets that can be practiced.

1. Calculate the total price
The first step that can be done when dividing the assets is to calculate the total amount of assets held in total.

Whether it’s tangible or intangible property. Both are calculated first to find out the number of assets owned. The

process of calculating the number of assets must be done by the two divorced parties plus the “witness”.

2. Selling assets owned
the process of calculating property becomes easier if it has been cashed in cash or cash. This is why the average

divorced person chooses to sell a portion of his possessions to find out how much should be given to one party and

the other. The process of selling assets can be done if the divorced parties agree to sell them. The assets most

often sold for distribution are houses, apartments, land, cars, and jewelry.

3. Distribution of assets in accordance with legal procedures
Divorce is indeed the most avoided thing, but it cannot be avoided for the common good. Everything related the

property must be resolved before being officially divorced. It is better to invite legal counsel or attorney in the

distribution of assets so as to avoid any conflict that will harm one of the parties in the future. With the

division of assets based on applicable law, all parties will feel treated fairly.