How Do You Take Care of a Boat Before Being Stored in Self Storage? Here are the steps!

In summer, boats are used for vacation. Summer is perfect for spending time on the beach or swimming in the sea to leave a pleasant impression. However, after the summer ends and soon enters the winter, the boats must be stored immediately to protect against extreme winter weather. Not all boat owners have a place to store their boats, so they often use self-storage units to store boats, one of which is North Phoenix Self Storage.


To save the boat, it requires tricks as well as maintenance so that the boat remains in good condition. Here are tips on caring for a boat before being stored during the winter:

– Bring the boat on the water once more
The aim is to check whether the boat is damaged or not. In this process, only the owner and the boat driver ride it. If it needs to be repaired before winter, it must be done immediately so that during the winter, the boat only needs to be stored in self-storage without requiring additional repairs.

– Clean the boat
After lifting the boat from the water when the summer is over, the maintenance process starts. Clean the boat so that as long as it is stored in self-storage it does not contaminate the boat. Don’t forget to remove the drain plugs of the boat’s hull, clean the deck of the boat from the slime and the dirt that might be obtained during use in the summer. Also, clean the boat filter, get rid of items that can damage the boat during the winter.

– Don’t forget to dry the boat
Cleaning all components of the boat will use enough water, so it must be ensured that all parts of the boat are dry before storing. Allow enough time to evaporate moisture after washing. Don’t forget to prepare an anti-fungus bag and put it in the cabin and the parts that allow the fungus to grow. Anti-fungal bags aim to prevent mold growth during storage. The growth of mold will damage the boat and may not be used anymore.