Storing your belongings in a minimalist house

In a minimalist home design as in some types of housing, the area of the house is indeed limited so it will be difficult to add shelves for storing your collection items such as shoes, bags, books because it will greatly fulfill the capacity in your home. But in fact you can overcome these things so that your shelves don’t take up too much space or forging, so you can create multi-functional shelves. To store large and large items, you can use your own space specifically to store your belongings. In the meantime, you may also consider renting a self storage service, if you want to store your belongings for a long time.

Tips for storing items in a minimalist home

Preferably, before making a storage place, first make a careful and good planning so that the storage space that you design does not only function as a regular storage area but also creates high artistic value.

The following are 3 Tips for Storage in Minimalist Homes.

1. Custom Walk In Closet Organizers

Custom Walk In Closet Organizers design that is putting things in one room with several large cabinets / storefronts. This design you will surely enjoy, because in addition to storing all your items, in terms of size is very broad, you will like having your own exhibition space in your home.

2. White Lacquer Interior Fittings

White Lacquer Interior Fittings Design part of Custom Walk In Closet Organizers but uses white domination colors to make it look very luxurious and spacious. One or more large white cabinets as highly functional storage. This is indeed a great place to store all your things.

3. Store shoes on a hanging rack

The sandals and shoes that are scattered and scattered on the floor are of course very unsightly, therefore, you need a shoe rack, considering the condition of your home is minimalist it will be difficult if you have to add a special shelf for shoes and sandals, the solution is to a hanging shoe rack, you can buy a hanging shoe rack in a shop that is usually made of polyester and cotton.