Things you must know about chiropractic

The entire human body, even though the muscles, organs, and cells are controlled by the nervous system. While the nervous system (brain and spinal cord) is protected by the skull and spine. So if the skull and spine occur “subluxation” or bone structure that is not in place will cause interference with the human nervous system. Meanwhile, check out the licensed and recommended chiropractor santa monica as well.

So it is not surprising, if subluxation occurs (partial dislocated which causes abnormal joint movement) in the skull and spine, it will greatly disrupt the performance of muscles and organs.


Forward Head Posture. The position of the head that looks more leaning in front of your body. You can ask your friends or family to see if the head (ear) position is parallel to your shoulder. If there is an FHP, it’s no wonder your shoulders and nape are tight and tense. Just imagine if your head is like a bowling ball, and your body every day must hold heavy loads in a leaning forward position. Can be hunchbacked! According to research at an Institute in America, every inch of your head advancing from your shoulder, the pressure on your nerve is 5kg. Every 1 inch = 5kg of pressure in the nerve. Not surprisingly, our nervous system experiences disorders, such as hand pain and tingling, neck pain, aches, and pains, etc. See the chart below

Head tilted. The head bent to one side

High Shoulder or low hip. Shoulders or high waist next

Posture Asymmetry. Symmetrical body posture

A sick or stiff body, maybe when doing certain movements or certain positions.

One leg shorter. Short legs next door.

Uneven Shoe wear. The shoes right is up next.


Chiropractic doctors will conduct examinations such as Muscle test, joint’s range of motion, reflex tendon, touch in the spine, X-ray or MRI to find out if there are abnormal joints or muscle movements, nerve & nerve function.

Then do a “Correction” to reverse the bone or joint to its normal position and normalize joint movements so as to eliminate the irritation of the cause of pain and organ dysfunction.

Corrections will use special tools that are safe and comfortable so that in bone correction, bones can easily get their normal motion function.