Rope skipping brings some great health benefits

kipping is one exercise that can be used to warm up before doing other weight training. Skipping is a lot done because the sport is easy and can be done anywhere. But actually skipping has a special way to do it. The following are the benefits and the correct way of skipping it is important to know that the results you get can be maximum. Meanwhile, perhaps you need to check out best crossfit skipping jump ropes for beginners as well.

The following are some of the benefits that can be gained from skipping sports, including:

1. Tighten muscles

If you do skipping exercise regularly it will make your muscles tighter. This is a result of the leap you do. The muscles that feel most tight are your leg muscles and lower body muscles. In addition to the leg muscles, the muscles of the arms and shoulders will also be tighter because this is the hand that becomes the shaft and is always moving to rotate the skipping rope

2. Lose weight

If you do skipping for about one hour, then the calories in your body will burn about 1000 calories. Fat in the body will burn and come out along with sweat. If you are doing a weight loss program, skipping is a recommended exercise. But always remember to do this exercise regularly. If you do this exercise regularly, then the reserves of fat contained in the fat tissue will be taken and your weight becomes ideal.

3. Form a body

Besides being able to lose weight, skipping can also shape your body. Your body will be muscular in certain parts because of the movements performed in skipping. In addition, the leg muscles will be firmer and remain slim. The most visible is the calf that gives a beautiful shape to your feet. In addition, your arms will be free of sagging fat, because your arms keep moving to rotate the skipping rope.

4. Add height

Growth period is the best time to do this skipping exercise. Why? Because at a time of growth is a period that determines a person’s height. If you regularly do this skipping exercise, your height will be ideal.