These Three Parts of the Face Are Often the Object of Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery has become a process that is now in great demand. Because there are many reasons why someone chooses plastic surgery as a process of improving appearance. At you can find the right plastic surgeon and various information about a plastic surgery that you need to know.

Apparently, there are several parts of the face that are often chosen as objects of plastic surgery. the part is

1. Nose
Thick nose skin, imperfect nasal bones (not straight in proportion to bone proportion) are difficult surgical cases that get perfect results. So, instead of appearing it looks weird, avoiding being better isn’t it?

2. Lips
This instant beautiful act is not a few women who do it. The request for a lip shape that is often asked is perfectly symmetrical lips or volume.

3. Cheeks
Flat cheekbones or the skin of the cheek area has loosened, considered to produce a perfect face shape. Changes will be seen because facial skin looks tighter. The most appropriate treatment is a facelift or v-shaped treatment.