Things to Look For Before Installing a Water Pipe Line


Installing clean water pipelines for homes is a part that cannot be abandoned because it is a compulsory complement or infrastructure as a habitable house. Planning the installation of clean water should be made correctly according to technical rules so that the water distribution process for home use can run smoothly and efficiently. In the bathroom and kitchen remodeling service, the installation of clean water pipes certainly needs to be considered, because this will affect the subsequent use.

During the installation of water pipes, there are several factors that need to be considered, including:

– Water sources.
In this section is to understand where clean water for your home needs will be supplied. After you determine the type of water source that is suitable, you can plan a more mature water pipe as an example if you use a water company water source, of course, you will be given a distribution line from the pipe that has been provided by the water company manager and you are prohibited from modifying pipe size or change it yourself.

– Installation location.
According to the technical procedures for installing a clean water installation, there are two methods that can be selected, namely the embedded installation and sticking. For the embedded, of course, it will look neater because it is in the ground or wall, but also still difficult if there is repair or maintenance later.

– Material Material.
At present the selection of water channel installation material has been very diverse ranging from those made from metal, PVC and the most expensive is made from stainless steel which is very safe from corrosion. Each of these materials also has advantages and disadvantages from different technical aspects and also adjusts to the location of work in the field or according to other supporting procedures.

Those are the three factors that need to be considered when installing clean water pipes when bathroom and kitchen remodeling. These three factors should not be ignored to get channels that are easy and do not need to be changed repeatedly if you get a problem.