These are Some Free Places in Thailand That Stay Fun for You to Visit

For tourists, vacation is indeed a fun activity, but it certainly costs quite a lot to do it. This makes many people choose to be backpacker tourists so they can visit the place they want at a low cost. Thailand can be your choice to do it. There, there is a Rent a Car Thailand that you can choose to be able to take you wherever you go.

If you want to feel like going to a place of interest and fun but without fees or free, then some of these places must be on your list.

1. Bangkok Art and Culture Center
The Bangkok Art & Culture Center (BACC), which was opened in 2008, is a center of art that showcases various modern works of art through its eleven-story circular building. Outside, there is also a variety of interesting installation artworks to be used as your photo objects. Besides, there is no harm in enjoying the architecture of the building that is modern and charming.

2. The Corrections Museum
It takes more courage to come to this Bangkok Corrections Museum because you will see “humans” being tortured in various sadistic and inhuman ways. This museum exhibits various instruments of torture as well as ways to torture prisoners that were once enacted. The museum itself consists of three former prison buildings. If you are not brave enough to go in there, then undo your intentions and find another place.

3. Park Suan Rot Fai
If you are tired of the atmosphere of a city full of pollution and crowded with many people, then you can search for fresh air just by slightly covering the northeast of this market. Is Suan Rot Fai, a city park that is very comfortable to visit. You will be pampered with a garden that is quiet at all times or a picnic. Although on weekends many people also go here, you can still enjoy the green of this park.