Useful tips on succeeding in the topic phase

In attempt to succeed in your test B1 CEFR, you are required to know the general points and the typical points of the questions. The general points are necessary to understand for the purpose of knowing what the questions really want from your answers. Meanwhile, the typical points are quite associated with your competence. For instance, in the topic phase, the general point of the test is likely to be the standard that the examiner expects to you to fulfill. On the other hand, to answer each of the questions during the topic phase, you need to show your competence as the typical point. Thus, you should not hurry to look up the references such as read more to book the test unless you are literally ready for the test.

It is crucial for you to be able to answer the questions from the examiner during the conversation appropriately. It is better for you to keep straight forward on the topic during the conversation. The topic phase does not take very long time. Thus, you should really notice the crucial points if you do not want to mess up the topic session which runs only for about five minutes.

It is good for you to put your personal reason in every question that the examiner says. In this case, those reasons are likely to be your attempt to ensure that your examiner really understand what you really mean. Besides that, at the same time those also can be such clarification to avoid misunderstanding between of you.

Finally, a well-prepared participant always deserves the optimal result of the test. Your preparation will not be useless. It is much appreciated by the examiner. If you think that you are prepared enough for the test, you can will feel enjoyed during the test.